Ha Thai Village

Duyen Thai commune, Thuong Tin district, Ha Noi
Like all other ancient villages in the Red River Delta, Ha Thai has a communal house and pagoda for worshipping the village founder. Unlike most villages it is also famous far and wide for its distinguished lacquer ware that has existed for over 2000 years.
Ha Thai lacquer ware products are made with a centuries-old technique of applying and polishing layer upon layer of Vietnamese lacquer (Rhus Succedanea). Combined with egg shell and mother-of-pearl inlays, the lacquer ware found here comes in thousands designs and models. Among the most common are boxes, trays, vases, pots, albums, lamp-shades, plates and paintings. Each product is not only pleasing to the eye, but also useful and durable

  • Visiting Pagodas!

    Visiting Pagodas!

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  • Pudding


    Pudding(Tiết canh) is a traditional dish of blood and cooked meat in Vietnamese cuisine . The most popular is tiết canh vịt, made from raw duck blood and duck meat. In rarer instances, tiết canh chó, made with dog blood...

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  • Mooncake


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  • Hue Festival

    Hue Festival

    A biennial (once every two years) festival celebrated in the former imperial capital of Hue , the Hue Festival last took place from April 7 to 15, 2012, and the next one is scheduled to occur on April 12 to 20, 2014. The Festival condenses...

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