Vietnamese customs

  • Saigon Shot Glasses

    Saigon Shot Glasses

    Collecting Assorted Shot Glasses of the places that I've travelled is again one of my hobbies when going to a place and besides these shot glasses, I also collect Fridge Magnets. You can find lots and lots of souvenir items in and around The...

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  • Attractive rural market

    Attractive rural market

    More than 100 dishes provided by 11 tourist units in the city centre were an original feature of rural Vietnam's culinary culture at the Danang Tourism and Culture Festival 2004. Along with specialities of the Quang people including Quang...

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  • Hang market – The countryside charm in city centre

    Hang market – The countryside charm in city centre

    Right in Haiphong city centre, there is a special market-day which is opened up only once a week on Sunday morning. In this market, foods and vegetables are not sold, neither are luxurious goods, but plant seeds, breeders and agricultural...

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  • Cai Rang Floating Market - Can Tho

    Cai Rang Floating Market - Can Tho

    Cai Rang Floating Market is 30 minutes by boat from Can Tho City. People start coming to the market by boat from 04:00 or 05:00 A.M to sell agricultural products to wholesale traders, some retailers would come later to get goods for their shop at...

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  • Theatre


    Theatre Hát tuồng   (also known as Hát bội): A theatre form strongly influenced by   Chinese opera , it transitioned from being entertainment for the royal court to travelling troupes who performed for commoners and peasants, featuring many well-known   stock characters . Cải lương : A kind of modern folk opera originating in   South Vietnam , which utilizes extensive   vibrato   techniques. It remains very...
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  • Water puppetry

    Water puppetry

    Water Puppetry is a distinct Vietnamese art which had its origins in the 10th century. In Water Puppetry a split-bamboo screen obscures puppets which stand in water, and are manipulated using long poles hidden beneath the water. Epic story lines are played out with many different puppets, often using traditional scenes of Vietnamese life. The puppets are made from quality wood, such as the South East Asian Jackfruit tree. Each puppet is carefully carved, and then painted with numerous...
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  • Quan Họ Folk Singing in the north of Viet Nam

    Quan Họ Folk Singing in the north of Viet Nam

    In the provinces of Bắc Ninh and Bắc Giang in northern Viet Nam, many of the villages are twinned, reinforcing their relationship through social customs such as Quan họ Bắc Ninh folk songs. The songs are performed as alternating verses between two women from one village who sing in harmony, and two men from another village who respond with similar melodies, but with different lyrics. The women traditionally wear distinctive large round hats and scarves; the men’s...
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  • Ca Trù Singing

    Ca Trù Singing

    Ca Tru is one of Vietnam traditional music. It appeared in the early sixteenth century. Although it was experienced ups and downs of history, with the characteristics of a unique art form, coordination between the shifts from and harmony vocals Ca Tru has had an important position in both Vietnam and the world. Ca Tru singing has many names, depending on localities and times, it was also called A Dao singing. Ca Tru is tightly organized into wards. It was derived from...
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  • Customs and Beliefs

    Customs and Beliefs

    In the past, and even today, a traditional Vietnamese person would comply with most or all of the following traditions and precepts:     The Family     The family is the basis of society, not the individual     Three to four generations often live together in one home     The family is patriarchal. Within the family, the wife deals with all household matters, and the husband deals with the outside world    ...
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  • Traditional Vietnamese Weddings circa 1900

    Traditional Vietnamese Weddings circa 1900

    Vietnamese garments circa 1900The traditional Vietnamese family was patriarchal and the central element in a tightly structured social system. Families were linked in a ‘clan’ with a common ancestor and consisted of individuals, living and dead, spanning no more than nine generations. Each individual was obligated to increase the reputation and status of the clan throughout his or her lifetime. Until the arrival of the French colonists and catholicism, traditional Vietnamese...
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  • Contemporary Vietnamese Traditional Weddings

    Contemporary Vietnamese Traditional Weddings

    This isang and her husband. In Vietnam, wedding photographs are taken in advance, usually in a studio - the bride wears heavy make-up and a complicated hairstyle For the photographs on this page, we've used the wedding of one of our staff members, Ms. Hang. Hang and Mr. Minh, her husband, now have a year-old son and are very happy! The pace of change Modern traditional weddings in Vietnam differ significantly to those in the past. The most obvious change is the cost – the social...
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  • Rites of Passage

    Rites of Passage

    Births Births are a low-key affair in Vietnam. After an explosive baby boom at the end of the war, families are now penalised if they have more than two children. The need for the policy is widely recognised, and most couples adhere to it. In the cities, babies are usually born in hospital, and the father is expected to be present throughout the birth. There is no celebration or gift–giving, although the father might use the event as an excuse for a night out with his friends at the...
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  • Myths and Legends

    Myths and Legends

    A land of fantasy and imagination Vietnam has an enormous treasury of myths and legends, both ancient and recent. As the language developed, it often used poetic imagery to describe and narrate through metaphor and allegory. The country’s strong animist tradition produced a wealth of anthropomorphic symbols. Where legends don’t exist, the Vietnamese feel an urge to invent them. In the caves of Ha Long Bay, for example, local guides narrate many ‘legends’ related to...
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  • Weddings


    Whilst on my City Tour of Hanoi, we were at the Temple of Literature when we spotted a professional photo shoot being done. There was quite a crowd of people watching the proceedings. Lucky we were on tour, and had a guide with us, as he told us what was going on, otherwise I would have never known. The couple in the photo, as you can see, were beautifully made up and dressed, were have shoots taken before their upcoming wedding day. He said that before the wedding day, couples usually...
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  • Vietnamese Lacquer

    Vietnamese Lacquer

    Vietnamese Lacquer Wares are known world wide for their exquisite designs and make. They rival chinese, japanese and other south east asian lacquer ware pieces and when in Saigon, this can be a very good gift item for friends or even buying assorted lacquer products for use as a home decoration. they are available everywhere but there are artisanal shops that specializes in lacquer ware in Dong Khoi Street and at the Tay Son Lacquer Shop that will cost more. you can buy assorted...
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  • Vietnam Figurines

    Vietnam Figurines

    You can buy assorted souvenir stuffs in saigon like my favorite fridge magnets and shot glasses but I bought one kind of thing that ticked my fancy, the iconic vietnamese figurines showing a classic vietnamese girl in a blue aoi dai and a straw hat which is a famous depiction of vietnam. you can buy these figurines in different sizes and make at the various souvenir stalls lining the Benh Thanh Market and at the Le Loi and Nguyen Hue Streets and even at the Tax department store and at the...
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  • Saigon Shot Glasses

    Saigon Shot Glasses

    Collecting Assorted Shot Glasses of the places that I've travelled is again one of my hobbies when going to a place and besides these shot glasses, I also collect Fridge Magnets. You can find lots and lots of souvenir items in and around The Saigon Area and buy them at the assorted souvenir stands at Le Loi Street, Nguyen hue Street, Benh Thanh Market, Tax Department store, etc. many of them are Shot Glasses and they come in assorted designs like hand painted, with stickers, with plastic...
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  • Visiting Pagodas!

    Visiting Pagodas!

    Although Vietnam is officially an atheist country, buddhism is still a major religion here and more than half of the vietnamese people follow the buddhist faith hence there are lots of buddhist temples and pagodas all throughout vietnam and also here in saigon. a reminder in visiting buddhist pagodas and temples in Siagon: Remove your shoes before entering Buddhist pagodas. Small donations placed in the boxes found in temples are appreciated. It is acceptable to keep your shoes on within...
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  • Crossing the streets in Danang City

    Crossing the streets in Danang City

    Look ahead and just walk across...Avoid direct eye contact with the motorists and your body language will confuse them
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  • Funeral Ceremony of Vietnam

    Funeral Ceremony of Vietnam

    “The sense of the dead is that of the final,” says a Vietnamese proverb, meaning that funeral ceremonies must be solemnly organized. Formerly funeral ceremonies went as following: the body was washed and dressed; then a le ngam ham, or chopstick, was laid between the teeth and a pinch of rice and three coins were dropped in the mouth. Then the body was put on a grass mat laid on the ground according to the saying “being born from the earth, one must return back to the...
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  • The Vietnamese Ao Dai

    The Vietnamese Ao Dai

    The Ao Dai is the most recognizable traditional dress seen in Vietnam, and though western style clothes are popular, this beautifully styled outfit is still actively worn throughout the country during Tet, at work, to weddings, and other national celebrations. The word Ao Daimeans ‘Long Dress,’ and is a two piece garment. The bottom part consists of loose pants that reach the ankles. The top is a tight fitting tunic with long sleeves and a high collar with two panels that float...
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