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  • Shamanism


    The shaman A shaman is an intermediary between humankind and the spirit world, occupying a role similar to that of a priest: a religious specialist, possessing the ability to communicate with spirits, to appeal to them to dispel evil, to explain...

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  • Saigon Shot Glasses

    Saigon Shot Glasses

    Collecting Assorted Shot Glasses of the places that I've travelled is again one of my hobbies when going to a place and besides these shot glasses, I also collect Fridge Magnets. You can find lots and lots of souvenir items in and around The...

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  • Hoi An Full Moon Festival

    Hoi An Full Moon Festival

    Every 14th day of the lunar month, Hoi An’s old town bans all motorized traffic and transforms itself into a massive performance venue for Vietnamese arts contemporary to the old trading town’s heyday in the 18th to 19th century...

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  • The Origin of Bánh Dày and Bánh Chưng

    The Origin of Bánh Dày and Bánh Chưng

    The Origin of Bánh Dày and Bánh Chưng Years ago, Emperor Hung Vuong had many sons. Some pursued literary careers. Others excelled in martial arts. However, the youngest prince, named Tiet Lieu, loved neither. Instead, he and...

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  • Some main Festivals in Vietnam

    Some main Festivals in Vietnam

    A calendar full of festivals Life in Vietnam is a succession of major and minor festivals, mostly based on the lunar calendar – there is seldom a day when the festival calendar is blank. Local festivals The minor festivals are mostly either religious, based upon pagodas and temples, or village festivals celebrating anniversaries of significant events or local heroes and ancestors and based on each village’s communal house. The village festivals usually involve an array of...
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  • Discover Vietnam Culture

    Discover Vietnam Culture

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  • Lim Festival

    Lim Festival

    The Lim Festival, organized in Lim village located 18 km from Hanoi, where Quan Ho, the special folk songs performed. It takes place every year on 13th day of the 1st lunar month. Tens of thousands of visitors come here to enjoy the dialogues performances between  "lien anh" (male singers) and "lien chi" (female singers), the country's most skilled Quan Ho singers. These are male and female farmers who sing different types of songs in the pagodas, on the hills, and in the boats....
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  •  Nui Ba Festival

    Nui Ba Festival

    If you go to Tay Ninh, you should visit Nui Ba, a beautiful mountain located in the middle of the Mekong Delta, 11km from downtown Tay Ninh. Nui Ba (Ba Mountain) is often called Ms. Den Mountain. According to a legend, the mountain was named after a young woman called Denh, but who was referred to as Den. She was the devout daughter of a guard officer of the Mien ethnic minority group. Den left her house to enter a monastery in the mountains. She became a nun due to family pressure to marry...
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  • Cau Ngu Festival

    Cau Ngu Festival

    This festival of lower Thai Duong Village in Huong Hai Commune of Huong Dien District is organized annually on the 12th day of the 1st lunar month in memory of the village tutelary genie Truong Quy Cong. His alias is Truong Thieu, and he was a native of the North who came to the village to settle, teach the locals how to fish, and trade junks. On the eve of the festival, the entire village begins making offerings. Both parts of the village, the...
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  • Hoi An Full Moon Festival

    Hoi An Full Moon Festival

    Every 14th day of the lunar month, Hoi An’s old town bans all motorized traffic and transforms itself into a massive performance venue for Vietnamese arts contemporary to the old trading town’s heyday in the 18th to 19th century – Chinese opera, Chinese chess, and of course, the region’s famous food. Shops put up brightly-colored lanterns, turning the narrow old streets (even the old Japanese bridge, pictured at left) into a radiant, festively-illuminated light...
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  • Tet Festival

    Tet Festival

    Tet is Vietnam's equivalent to the Chinese New Year , and is just as auspicious . The Vietnamese consider Tet to be the year's most important festival. Family members gather in their hometowns, traveling from across the country (or the world) to spend the Tet holidays in each other's company. On the stroke of midnight, as the old year turns into the new, Vietnamese usher out the old year and welcome the Kitchen God by beating drums, lighting firecrackers, and goading...
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  • Perfume Pagoda Festival

    Perfume Pagoda Festival

    The Perfume Pagoda is Vietnam's most famous Buddhist pilgrimage site, welcoming hundreds of thousands of pilgrims who arrive at the sacred cave to pray for a happy and prosperous year ahead. This stream of pilgrims reaches its peak at the Perfume Pagoda Festival - devotees travel through a picturesque gauntlet to the sacred caves, first boarding boats that pass a landscape of rice paddies and limestone mountains, then going by foot past historical shrines and up hundreds of stone...
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  • Phu Giay Festival

    Phu Giay Festival

    At Phu Giay Temple in Nam Dinh province, tribute is paid to Lieu Hanh, one of the Vietnamese "four immortal gods", and the only one based on a real person (a princess of the 16th century who died young). Many devotees from all over make a pilgrimage to Phu Giay Temple, located about 55 miles east from Hanoi, to join the festival, taking advantage of the traditional lull in work during the third lunar month. Traditional diversions like cock-fighting, "keo chu", and folk singing are...
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  • Hue Festival

    Hue Festival

    A biennial (once every two years) festival celebrated in the former imperial capital of Hue , the Hue Festival last took place from April 7 to 15, 2012, and the next one is scheduled to occur on April 12 to 20, 2014. The Festival condenses the best of Hue’s culture into a single week-long festival: theater, puppetry, dance, music, and acrobatics will be performed in different places around the city, although most of the activities are conducted around the grounds of the Hue...
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  • Thay Pagoda Festival

    Thay Pagoda Festival

    If any Buddhist monk deserved worship, it was Tu Dao Hanh, innovator and inventor. He made numerous advances in medicine and religion, but is mainly remembered for inventing Vietnamese water puppetry . The Thay Pagoda Festival celebrates Tu Dao Hanh's life with a procession of the monk's worshipping tablet, borne by representatives from four villages. The festival is celebrated by laymen with many water puppetry performances, particularly at the Thuy Dinh House in front of...
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  • Hung Festival

    Hung Festival

    This festival celebrates the legendary birth of Vietnam’s first kings, the Hung Vuong. Details of their origin remain sketchy, but the story has become rather embellished over the years: born from the union of a mountain princess and a sea dragon, the Hung Vuong came from a hundred sons hatched from a hundred eggs laid by said princess. Half the sons went back to the sea with their father, while the rest stayed behind with their mother and learned to rule. To remember the...
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  • Quan The Am Festival, Da Nang City

    Quan The Am Festival, Da Nang City

    Quan Am (Avalokitesvara) Festival on Ngu Hanh Son, Danang is organized on the 19th day of the second lunar month. It was first organized in 1962, for the inauguration of the Avalokiesvara Bodhisattva statue in Hoa Nghiem cave at Thuy Son, west of Ngu Hanh Son Mountains. The same year, the festival was reorganized in Kim Son cave after the construction of the Quan The Am Pagoda on the Kim Son Mount. Until 1991, this festival was organized annually on a large scale and celebrations lasted for...
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  • Attractive rural market

    Attractive rural market

    More than 100 dishes provided by 11 tourist units in the city centre were an original feature of rural Vietnam's culinary culture at the Danang Tourism and Culture Festival 2004. Along with specialities of the Quang people including Quang noodles, jellyfish mixture, "quai vac" cakes and "Hoi An cao lau", there were different dishes from Hue and Northern Vietnam. On the first day of sale, thousands of visitors went to the Danang General Library where the culinary festival took place to...
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  • A Colorful, Attractive and Ebullient Danang Tourism - Culture Festival 2004

    A Colorful, Attractive and Ebullient Danang Tourism - Culture Festival 2004

    The festival was held from July 23 to August 1 with lots of activities. Most of attractive activities took place in the evening of July 31 when the festival was organised on Bach Dang Street near the stunning Han River. Tens of thousands of local people and tourists took to Bach Dang Street to participate in the culinary culture festival, flower-and-light boats parade, lantern festival and impressive art exhibitions of marble sculpture titled “from traditional to present” by...
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  • Do Son Bufailo Fighting Vietnam Festival, Hai Phong City

    Do Son Bufailo Fighting Vietnam Festival, Hai Phong City

    Although the Do Son Buffalo Fighting Festival is officially held on the 9th of the 8th lunar month in Hai Phong,Vietnam, preparations start several months before. Fighting buffaloes must be carefully selected, well fed, and trained. The selection of the official fighting buffaloes starts in May when qualification matches take place in small villages. Only 6 buffaloes will participate in the final fight. The festival begins with a procession to the communal house where offerings from several...
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  • Yen Tu Festival

    Yen Tu Festival

    Place:   The mountainous region of Yên Tử, Thượng Yên Công Commune, Uông Bí Town Time: Yên Tử festivities begin on the ninth day of the first lunar month and last until the end of the third lunar month. Significance: Yên Tử has been a centre of Buddhism for many centuries, and is the starting point of the Buddhist sect of Trúc Lâm. Travellers to Yên Tử Festival to stay away from the mundane and go on a...
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  • Hue festival honours “ao dai” in fashion show

    Hue festival honours “ao dai” in fashion show

     The elegant beauty of “ao dai”, Vietnam’s traditional long dress, will be honoured with a special performance taking place as part of the 2012 Hue Festival. With the theme “Lotus in the fine arts”, the show will be a combination of the lotus, which is on way to becoming the national flower, and the “ao dai”, underlining their aesthetic value in the souls of Vietnamese people. With nearly 20 designers from the length and breadth of the country...
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  • Ba Den Mountain Vietnam Festival

    Ba Den Mountain Vietnam Festival

        One cannot visit Vietnam�s Tay Ninh without going to Nui Ba, a beautiful high mountain located in the middle of the MeKong Delta, 11km from Tay Ninh. Nui Ba Mountain is often called Lady Den Mountain after the devoted daughter of a Vietnamese guard officer. She left her father's house and went to the mountain to become a monk after she was forced to marry a guard officer's son. She later died in Nui Ba. The Nguyen dynasty had a bronze statue made in her honor and...
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